Repeater and Beacon Info
REPEATERS The club operates and maintains the following repeaters:- VK4RBK 439.900 MHz, -5MHz shift situated at Bones Knob VK4RHT 146.675 MHz, -600KHz shift CTCSS 123 situated at Hann Tableland, operational. VK4RPH 147.0625 MHz, - 1.6 MHz shift situated at Millaa Millaa, operational. The TREC club station callsign is VK4WAT. Special event callsign VK4XQA (XQA was the first amateur radio callsign issued in Queensland in 1914 to Marcus Brims in Mareeba) BEACONS 6m beacon on 50.281 MHz CW operational from the Hann Tableland site - Grid QH23pc (reports welcome) As of 2/233 not operational. APRS An APRS Digipeater is operational from the TREC Clubrooms in Atherton on 145.175 MHz. TRAINING AND ASSESSMENT CONTACT Learning Organiser Stu Dunk - VK4SDD AMC assessor Email Phone 0407 700096 NETS TREC MEMORIAL NET on 3.605 MHz at 0930 UTC (7.30 p.m. local) every Thursday. This memorial net honours our silent key friends. Visit our “in memoriam” page.
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